Tim Volner

Owner, Founder, and Mentor at Python 4 Youth

I started coding as a freshman in high-school. Throughout my high-school career I taught myself 6 different programming languages. After high-school, I attending George Fox University which was taught in my first semester. I quickly fell in love with it and have continued teaching myself Python since then. I’ve written software for some major companies and I have a heart and passion towards sharing my knowledge and experience with students who what to experience a life full of reward, challenge, and building the newest and latest technology!

Ren Weishar

Web Developer and Technical Director at Python 4 Youth

My passion for programming and teaching began in college when I was studying computer science at the University of Oregon and helping all my friends pass calculus. It was then that I realized my passion for teaching. I have a knack for it. Everyone would always say. Since then, I have always volunteered at my work to train new software developers. I am a strong believer that teaching hones skills of both parties involved. 

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