Python is in the TOP 3 MOST POPULAR languages in the WORLD right now!

Web Development

Python is one of the most popular languages for web development today. Even Instagram and Youtube use it!

Apps & Games

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UX Design

Create User Interfaces, Web Pages, and Games!

Intro to Coding

Our app is designed for beginners who are in High School or Middle School. Don’t worry if you’re a bit older though, our courses will be just as interesting!


Why aren’t you prepared for your future? Experts estimate that the majority of careers will soon require some level of experience in Python.

Learn by Doing

The #1 Learning Style in America is learning by DOING

STOP wasting your time on boring videos and hard to follow tutorials. BEGIN learning code today by writing it. We teach you functional code by letting you write it!

Build your dream

Why shouldn’t you follow your dream?

Today, it’s possible. You CAN create that app, game, or website you’ve always dreamed of! Or maybe, you just want to make A LOT of extra MONEY. This app is GUARANTEED to be the fastest method of learning to code.

Build your own future

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