From Zero to Something: Getting Started with Python (Intro to Python)


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  • Python is listed in the Top 3 Most Popular Programming Languages Worldwide!
  • Python is also growing like crazy! Jobs are opening up literally everywhere and every day!
  • Python is intuitive and easy to learn with the right resources!

From Zero to Something is just that: The Right Resource for your student.

From Zero to Something goes through the basics of programming in the Python language.

This book is designed to speak to and engage with students age 8-18. While this book is written in a textbook-like format, students are sure to become engulfed in Python as a new hobby.

Students can finally enjoy an easy to read and fun to follow step-by-step guide on getting started with programming!

This book covers the basics of learning Python, meaning ZERO experience is needed!

Starting from the ground up, or somewhere in the middle, this book goes through the beginning of installing the software all the way through to creating your first two computer programs.

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This book is great for homeschooled students, students in public school, or even young adultsadults who aren’t in school but want to learn new tricks.

All content within this textbook is fully appropriate for students of any age.

Python 4 Youth reserves all rights and copyrights to this book.

Book written by Tim Volner – Owner, Founder, and Mentor at Python 4 Youth.


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